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Malamulo Hospital

The Department of Surgery at Loma Linda University has established an ACGME-approved surgical rotation to Malamulo Hospital in rural Malawi. This rotation has been incorporated into the standard rotation schedule, such that all PGY-4 residents have the opportunity to go on this 2 month rotation.

The residency program, together with the LLU Global Health Institute, manages all of the infrastructure details for the rotation. As such, the program arranges and pays for all of the travel, food, lodging, and communication for the residents during the rotation in Malawi. In addition, residents continue to be paid their standard salary while in Malawi.

The Rotation Director is Dr. Brent Sherwin. 

The country of Malawi has 15 million people, and there are less than 10 general surgeons in the country. The establishment of this rotation, by which a PGY-4 resident from Loma Linda is continuously present at Malamulo Hospital, increases the general surgical capacity of the country of Malawi by more than 10%!

The rotation offers an incredible opportunity to learn tropical surgery, with an excellent volume of significant cases. In addition, there is excellent preparation for how to practice surgery in a resource-constrained environment. Lastly, research opportunities are available relating to systems practice, outcomes, sustainable surgical practice, and tropical diseases.

Hospital Description

  • Number of Patient Beds: 250
  • Bed Occupancy Rate: 45-80% (depends on the season)
  • Outpatients Seen Per/day: 120
  • Departments/Specialties: Surgical, Medical,Pediatrics, Maternity, Malnutrition, Community Health (family planning, HIV clinics, antenatal clinic) and Outpatient clinics
  • Typical Cases: Pneumonia, Malaria, TB, HIV complications, Dehydration, Meningitis
  • Types of Healthcare Students: Medical, Nursing/NP, Dental, Public Health, Allied Health (PA, Radiology, Nutrition)
  • Languages Spoken: Chichewa and English
  • Language Requirements/ Fluency: English
  • Setting: Rural

Trip Logistics

  • Recommended Airport: Chileka International Airport-Blantyre (BLZ), Lilongwe Kamuzu
  • Visa Required for US Citizen? Cost?: Free visitor visa granted for 30 days upon arrival at the airport; two 30-day renewals accepted for a fee of around $30 each.
  • Transport from Airport Provided: Yes upon arrival and departure to Malawi. Resident is responsible to get to LAX for departure to Malawi and then to home upon return.
  • Transportation Costs/Lodging/Food: This will be covered by the residency due to generous funding by sponsors. Only costs to be covered by residents would be that of personal travel or purchases.
  • Internet: The cost for daily internet usage will also be covered by the residency; however, please note that the internet connection there is not guaranteed to be available 24/7.

For additional questions, please contact Amy Albright, Surgery Residency Academic Manager.

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