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The mission of the Department of Surgery is to enable surgical faculty and trainees reach their highest professional and academic potential while serving the LLUH mission to make all persons whole. Our vision is to create global surgical leaders in whole person care, education, and research. The Department of Surgery Commitment is a grassroots initiative led by surgery faculty to embed and uphold the Loma Linda values of Compassion, Excellence, Humility, Integrity, Justice, Teamwork, and Wholeness as guiding principles in recruitment, retention, and professional development of our faculty and trainees. Our Commitment extends across the entire Department of Surgery from faculty to learners of all levels.

Sharon Lum, MD, FACS
Co-Chair, Loma Linda Surgery Commitment

Naveen Solomon, MD, FACS
Co-Chair, Loma Linda Surgery Commitment


Naveen Solomon, MD

Loma Linda Surgery Commitment

Sharon Lum, MD

Loma Linda Surgery Commitment

Ryan Hayton, MD

Director, Outreach


Sharon Kiang, MD

Director, Research


Jukes Namm, MD

Director, Professional Development


Kaushik Mukherjee, MD

Director, Finance


Esther Yung, MD

Director, Diversity


Naveen Solomon, MD

Director, Quality


Anushka Bagga, MD

Assistant Professor


Inspiring a learning environment that demonstrates caring, kindness, mercy, and empathy

Proclaiming the gospel by responding with compassion to suffering in the world
Delivering the highest quality, evidence based, patient centered care

Advancing sustainable surgical research and innovation

Educating trainees in whole person care for future generations
Modeling professionalism and servant leadership through honest communication, trust, and accountability

Prioritizing our duty to patients and our collective mission above individual pursuits
Ensuring our actions are consistent with our values

Engendering transparency in career and departmental growth

Demonstrating fiscal responsibility in patient care, intellectual pursuit, and service
Fostering appreciation of intersectionality

Promoting equitable access to quality surgical care

Protecting the dignity of all individuals
Encouraging diversity in our environment to maximize the potential for achievement

Creating an inclusive atmosphere of shared decision making

Enabling collaboration across disciplines, specialties, backgrounds, and levels of experience
Cultivating a culture that recognizes the inherent value of every faculty, resident, and patient as a reflection of the image of God, engaging their needs with compassion, and nurturing  wholeness in heart, body, mind, and spirit